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Pandora Papers Overshadowed by Spotify Papers

Almost as quickly as the Pandora Papers hit the news cycle, they have been overshadowed by the Spotify Papers, an infodump of documents regarding the popular music streaming service.

Released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the Pandora Papers are a “Pandora’s box” of 11.9 million documents about how the world’s wealthy, including 25 current and former heads of state, are dodging taxes and splurging wildly
by putting their money into offshore accounts, yachts, and foreign real estate. But news-reading audiences are now far more interested in the Spotify Papers, a trove of approximately 35 pages on the goings-on of popular artists and the streaming service itself.

“Yeah, it was pretty wild that Vladimir Putin bought his mistress a $4 million apartment in Monaco with a shell company right after she had a child that was probably his,” commended Gene Masseth of Edinburgh, Scotland. “But did you see that Suga has 6 million Spotify followers by himself? I didn’t even know who BTS was until last month!”

Similar to the Panama papers before it, American readers were especially quick to shift their attention to the news about Spotify, especially because there were no Americans involved in the Pandora papers. “I just can’t get that fired up about Jordan’s King Abdullah spending $100 million on secret luxury properties all over the world, even if he was cracking down on letting others in his country send money abroad and also enforcing tough austerity measures on his people,” said Connie Conners of Concord, North Carolina. “But the news that Spotify is adding polls soon? That’s gonna be killer!”

“What can I say?” concluded Conners, “Pandora stories are okay, but it’s just like Spotify is better at knowing what I’m into.”