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Peter Schiff Quickly Closes Coinbase Screen as Wife Walks In Room

San Juan, Puerto Rico — Gold and Crypto Twitter are on fire this afternoon as reports out of San Juan indicate that Peter Schiff’s wife Lauren walked in on him while logged into his CoinBase account. What he was doing in still unclear however his wife Lauren was seen running out in tears by one of his 25 staffers.

It’s unknown why Schiff would have a CoinBase account considering he is the biggest perma gold bull on Twitter and frequently derides all things Crypto. He was heard saying he was just curious and it was a ‘one time thing’.

We reached out to Coinbase to see if they could confirm whether someone by that name held an account but they refused to co-operate ’cause it’s bitcoin and all that kind of shit’.

A staffer who spoke on the condition of anonymity who we shall refer to as ‘Anthony’ for this articles did provide some further insight.

“I had been making some serious money on Bitcoin recently,” says the full time landscaper for the Schiff estate. “Whenever I see Peter I make sure not to bring it up because it’s grounds for dismissal but I guess one of the other maintenance guys let it slide how well I had been doing. Peter started poking around asking me questions. I know he loves gold and is all about it so not sure what interest Bitcoin is to him.”

Anthony also confirmed that the tension was palpable for several days after the event as Peter was seen promising his wife that it was a one time thing that will never happen again. His curiosity got the best of him and put in jeopardy everything he had built with her over the years.

As of this writing Bitcoin is near $24,000 and gold is still shiny but down 10% since it’s August highs.