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Pfizer Q1 Earnings a Breeze But Company Said to be Dreading the 24 Hours After Q2 Release

Pfizer’s Q1 earnings release went smoothly and “only took a few minutes”, according to sources familiar with the company. However, the company is reportedly dreading the Q2 earnings release.

“Q1 went really well,” said Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. “But I’ve heard from other CEOs that Q2 is a lot worse and can have more severe side effects.”

In preparation for the Q2 earnings release, Bourla said he bought a case of Gatorade and several cans of chicken noodle soup. Wall Street is also expecting a tough Q2 earnings release, as one analyst already warned that Pfizer investors “will be dizzy and very tired after Q2 earnings.”

In his parting words on the Q1 earnings call, Bourla added, “Q2 might be a tough one, but at least we’re not Moderna!”