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Please Stop Feeding Your Dog, I Have CHWY Puts

Hard Money does not condone market manipulation… that being said, please stop feeding your dog.

We’ve done extensive market research and developed a strong case but regardless our February puts aren’t looking good and are currently out of the money. Unless you stop feeding your dog of course.

Your dog can go without food for a week. Did you know in the wild dogs can go without food for weeks on end. And they do. It’s no big deal. Plus your husky is looking a bit husky.

If you are going to go against my advice to feed them then stop buying food from $CHWY. Just please, cancel your autoship, call support, tell them your dog is dead or something. At least until the end of the month you’d be doing me a huge solid.

While you’re at it cancel your toys you just ordered. Your dog does not need synthetic chew. That fancy new least you ordered? Safe to say you don’t need that either. I’m using an old pair of pants to walk my dog allowing me to save money to invest in more $CHWY puts. Again DON’T ORDER FROM $CHWY this week.

Investing in $CHWY is widely considered a great option by many analysts which is why I made the idiotic decision to go all-in on puts. Does it make sense? Not really but I’m down big so be a pal and don’t support this company.