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Pokémon Card Your Bully Ripped Up Would Be Worth $500,000

Proving the lasting appeal of classic 90s brands, Pokemon cards seem to be having yet another surge of popularity. On Ebay, bidding starts in the thousands, and YouTubers like Logan Paul jumping into the market can only indicate even higher prices on cards like the ones your childhood bully ripped up in front of you.

It’s hard to believe a single piece of cardboard could be worth as much as a car, let alone a house, but that’s reality now for anyone possessing a Base Set 1st Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard. Selling one could net you over half a million dollars, if Jason hadn’t completely destroyed it while you cried for a teacher who never came.

Whether it’s nostalgia for a beloved decade, or the joy of collecting something physical in a digital age, Pokemon cards are here to stay, and collectors can breath a sigh of relief knowing their hard work paid off, unless of course they were too scared to stand up to Jason when he lit the pile of shredded cards on fire while teasing, “I thought fire couldn’t damage Charizards, loser!”

Experts predict that the next big collectible to be magnified by internet culture could be Power Rangers or Beastwars action figures, which wouldn’t make much difference since Jason melted yours at Halloween with firecrackers.