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Pokemon Cards, and 3 Other ETFs ARK is Launching

Cathie Wood and her firm ARK Investment Management have been on fire this past year. Their large bets on Tesla and other high-flying tech names have made Wood one of the most famous investment managers in the country. Using that success as a springboard, ARK will be launching several new products this year.

Here are five ETFs the ARK team is planning to launch in 2021.

Pokémon Card ETF

Backed by hard physical assets, the Pokémon Card ETF will be one of ARK’s first products geared toward value investors. Many are saying that Pokémon cards are the 2021 version of gold, and now ARK investors will be allowed to hold a diversified portfolio of these stores of value.

Nude Management ETF

With stay-at-home orders, people are sending more nudes than ever. One of ARK’s newest ETFs will focus on companies that help consumers send and store nudes. Analsysts expect Snapchat to be a centerpiece of the new product.

Organic Vegan Vodka ETF

With meat alternatives taking off in 2020, ARK has decided to innovate within the vegan space. Their latest beverage ETF will focus on organic vegan vodka companies that cater to douchey hipsters living in Santa Monica, California.

Tesla $2,000 Call Option ETF

ETFs are no longer just for stocks and bonds! Based on ARK’s success with Tesla, the firm will be offering a new ETF that holds a variety of $2,000 call options across several different expiration dates. A degenerate option gambler’s dream come true!