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Pomp Enraged He Can’t Buy Coinbase Stock with Bitcoin

Famed Bitcoin investor Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano was livid this afternoon after learning he would not be able to exchange his precious bitcoin directly for shares of crypto exchange Coinbase which will begin trading momentarily.

“This is total bullshit I hate fiat currency so much it’s the worst and basically worth nothing. So why do I have to exchange my incredibly valuable bitcoin for it just so I can buy shares of Coinbase? Is this some kind of joke?” said an angry Pompliano.

He then took to Twitter to rage further angrily tweeting at everyone from the SEC, The Nasdaq exchange and the federal reserve in what many describe as nothing short of a manic episode.

When Twitter followers told him he could convert his Bitcoin on an exchange like Coinbase and use the proceeds to buy the shares he went nuclear and has not been heard from since.

Shares are expected to start trading anytime now with a reference price of approximately $380.