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Pomp Joins TSLAQ in Scathing 247-Part Twitter Thread

Well-know Bitcoin enthusiast Anthony Pompliano made a stunning announcement Tuesday evening. “Pomp”, as he’s known on Twitter, joined TSLAQ with a seething thread about Elon Musk’s missteps as CEO of Tesla.

Pomp laid out a 247 part argument explaining why Elon Musk is the worst CEO of all-time and how Tesla will inevitably fail. Dozens of Tesla short sellers joined in celebrating their new ally, according to sources familiar with the matter.

“Tesla only sells cars for worthless fiat money,” Pompliano explained. “How can a company succeed if they don’t accept Bitcoin?”

Pompliano called his crypto brokerage to inquire about shorting Tesla stock, according to sources. One source says that Pompliano searched Coinbase for a “Tesla Token” and also placed “sizeable” short positions on cryptocurrency “ElonSperm”, according to sources at Coinbase.