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REPORT: 60% of GameStop Holders Fully Radicalized and Ready to Die for Vaguely Defined Cause

A report out today confirmed that 60% of GameStop shareholders are fully radicalized via online  extremist propaganda.

Dan James, author of the report, confirmed many GameStop holders are so deadset in their beliefs it was even hard to communicate with them to complete the study.

“At this point, some are no longer speaking an understandable form of english,” James said. “Under extreme pressure they will sometimes lash out and call you a pussy if you sell. That’s the only English you can get out of them.”

James also notes that many members of the extremist movement, which has been growing in popularity online, now have diamond hand tattoos to show their dedication.

“It’s honestly unclear what they are about other than making money,” he explained. “But they all agree I am traitor cuck for selling at $300.”