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Report: Most NBA Top Shot Investors Too Sexist to Hold WNBA Version Ms.Shot

Bradenton FLA, “I don’t know why we thought this would be any different.” Cathy Englebert, commissioner of the WNBA, shakes her head. “Sure the moments aren’t as explosive and there’s barely any dunks but it’s on the blockchain and it’s Women’s History Month. How can it go wrong?”

She’s talking of course about the new line of WNBA NFT’s ‘Ms. Shot’. Ms. Shot launched with high hopes due to the massive demand for NBA Top Shot moments and packs. However, weeks later the marketplace is as barren as the average WNBA season ticket holder.

We watched a Ms. shot opening Twitch stream with a respectable 400 viewers where the users opened the pack “Oh I got an assist! Cool. Oh another assist. Ok. A PASS? That’s not even an assist oh screw this!” The stream ended abruptly.

We reached out to one of NBA Topshot’s certified ballers Denver_Dank_Nuggetz420 to inquire if he’d be hopping into the Ms. Shot market. “What? Hell no. I can’t even name a single player.”

Another user Golden_State_Whoreior, who had made an estimated $80,000 trading the NBA NFT’s, told us “Why would I do that? I’d maybe buy some women’s tennis NFT’s that’s a pretty good sport to watch.”

Englebert has some other ideas. “Maybe we can get Grimes to make Elon Musk tweet about it? That might help”.

For now we can hope that someday there will be equality in the price of pointless online collectibles but for now that glass ceiling is less likely to shatter than a backboard at a WNBA game.