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Report: SPAC Board Member Wouldn’t Just Tweet About a Family Member’s Birthday Like that Unless It’s SpaceX

Twitter users closely monitoring the Greensquare Acquisition Corp, Inc SPAC believe they have identified the target company: SpaceX.

“One of the board members definitely tried to send us a signal,” said part-time investor Matt Harding, who has spent hundreds of hours pouring over social media posts by people associated with Greensquare in an attempt to identify the target company of the SPAC.

According to sources, board member Thomas Lyons tweeted at his 14-year old niece, “Hope your birthday is out of this world! Have a great day :)”

Speculation is rampant that Lyons was hinting at a SpaceX acquisition.

“Yes, he only has 197 Twitter followers, and only tweets about once every four months, but I believe he was sending a message only to the most dedicated fans who knew to follow him on Twitter,” Harding said.

“I mean, why would he use that space reference in his Tweet if the acquisition target wasn’t SpaceX? It has to be!”

According to sources, Harding was last seen digging through a trash can at Lyons’ niece middle school before being escorted off the property by security.