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Robinhood Files for IPO: Here’s How You Can Lose All Your Money Trading It

Exciting news last week in the world of IPO’s as gambling app Robinhood best known for fucking over traders earlier this year and then again a month later will begin trading publicly under the ticker HOOD in the coming weeks.

The company is fresh off of a $70 million fine for misleading communication and trading practices but plans to use this costly lesson to screw over clients more covertly.

Many are anxious to trade the stock and we have compiled the best ways to lose all your money trading the hot IPO.

1) Short the stock the moment it begins trading. It’s obvious it’s going down which means it won’t and you’ll lose everything.

2) Deep out of the money calls. This is for true degenerates who think that the share price is going to ‘The Moon’. It might but not before you lose everything in these options.

3) Don’t participate at all. This is one of the more complex strategies where you just watch and then get severe FOMO one way or another before revenge trading in a different stock eventually blowing up your account.

Best of luck and happy trading!