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Robinhood Recap Lets Day Trader Revisit Entire Year of Terrible Decisions

What fun! Like Spotify, Robinhood has introduced a year-end wrap up report, which tells traders about their investment history, stock watching habits, and even their favorite market sectors. Called Robinhood Recap, the nifty feature is perfect for letting day traders reflect on the thousands of awful decisions they made over the past year.

“I’m so glad Robinhood reminded me I initiated 13,000 trades in 2020, that’s something I love thinking about,” said day trader Josh Lonser, who is down more than $30,000 this year. “I feel at ease learning that if I just held Tesla and Snap instead of trying to beat the market, my financial fate would have been totally different. Thanks Robinhood!”

Robinhood Recap even lets you know how often you checked specific stocks, helping traders relive those panic-filled weeks in April when they tried shorting SPY and wrecked their portfolio for the foreseeable future.

“I checked Moderna’s stock price more than 40,000 times this year! Too bad I didn’t buy it when I learned about the company last February,” added Lonser. “This Recap is really putting my year painfully into perspective.”

At press time, Robinhood announced they are working on a new feature called Opposite Envy, which shows you how much you could have made this year had you just done the exact opposite of all your trades.

Photo by @tumtonks