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Robinhood Restricting Hard Money Twitter Account to Zero Posts Per Day

Investing app Robinhood announced the platform will limit the Hard Money Twitter account to zero posts per day, effective immeditely.

“Hard Money did not comply with our strict policy of mindlessly piling into overpriced meme stocks with the herd,” Robinhood said in a press release.

“While Hard Money did show some support for the everyday investor, which we encourage, the writers showed a bit of skepticism about AMC trading over $20, which we can’t tolerate under any circumstances.”

Robinhood stressed that the company is not completely cutting readers off from Hard Money.

“Readers can still look at the Hard Money logo and think about Hard Money, but they will no longer be able to read new content or tweets from Hard Money.”

Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev also stressed that this was a routine restriction caused by the Federal Reserve banking system, and had nothing to do with Robinhood itself being insecure about Hard Money’s content.