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Robinhood Trader Purchases NFT of Positive P/L Statement Just to See What It Looks Like

18-year old Robinhood trader Jason Murray purchased an NFT depicting a positive net gain in a Robinhood portfolio, reportedly “just to see what it looked like.”

“I was getting tired of only seeing red in my portfolio, so I thought it would be interesting just to see what the color green looks like on Robinhood’s interface,” Murray said.

Murray began trading in January, and started entering into complex options trades within two days.

“I think I sold some strangles or something? Not really sure to be honest,” Murray told Hard Money. “So then I bought this NFT on my dad’s credit card, so I’ll probably stop trading and get into NFT collecting.”

Funny enough while his trades are firmly in the red the NFT he purchased is up 12000%.