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Robinhood Traders Rush to Buy “NRA” Ticker on French Stock Exchange

As the National Rifle Association (NRA) declared bankruptcy Friday afternoon, desperate Robinhood traders flooded the French Stock Exchange with relentless buy orders for the ticker symbol “NRA”.

“These clueless American imbeciles are a disgrace to the global financial system,” said Pierre Garnier, a French market maker who had to put in a dizzying six hour work day to clean up the mess. “These buffoons don’t realize that NRA is really NRG Energy, Inc,” Garnier explained.

While Robinhood traders could have quickly searched for the ticker symbol online and realized their mistake, many didn’t have time.

“In this game, speed is everything,” said Chet Ryans, a 17-year old trader. “I knew that bankruptcy or whatever is, like, good for the stock. Just look at what happened to Hertz earlier this year. Made some sick gains from that.”

For his recent investment in NRA, Ryans explains it like this: “I saw that the NRA was declaring bankruptcy on Twitter. I quickly opened Robinhood and typed in the ticker symbol. After seeing it only traded in France, I quickly bought a bunch of shares. Then confetti popped.”