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Scandal: Pomp Spotted Buying Coffee with US Dollars

New York, NY — A major scandal is brewing in the world of Cryptocurrency after noted Bitcoin enthusiast Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano was seen purchasing his morning coffee with none other than US dollars at a local coffee shop.

The purchase is especially ill-timed with Bitcoin making an all-time high and nearing $30000 for the first time ever. Many long-time Bitcoin and Pomp fans were especially disheartened by the news.

“I’ve been a huge believer in Bitcoin since 2018 when I bought at $19000 and refused to sell for a loss so you can imagine how happy I am to finally be up. Pomp made holding through such huge volatility a lot easier with his daily motivational threads and absurd price targets. But I’m a bit disillusioned if I’m being honest knowing that he’s not as dedicated to the cause as I once thought. New York City currently has 2 different coffee shops that accept Bitcoin he could have easily gone to one of them,” said Ryan Longer, holder of .0002 BTC and a bunch of random shitcoins.

Major Bitcoin critic and Gold bull Peter Schiff took to Twitter to join the pile on. “Not at all surprising to read the news about @POMP using fiat currency to buy his coffee. Both are bad but this just goes to show $BTC isn’t money and it has no use. I buy my daily coffee with gold shavings proving once and for all that it’s the superior store of value and currency.”

After taking this criticism Pompliano broke his silence by writing a 44-tweeet thread apologizing and explaining that in the future coffee won’t exist but will be replaced by blockchain however we didn’t read to the end to find out how.