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Scrambling Credit Suisse Executives Greenlight $2.3b NFT Trading Card Plan

Zurich, Switzerland — In light of the massive losses taken by Credit Suisse due to the deleveraging of Archegos, executives at the storied investment bank announced this week that they’d be launching a new NFT trading card line of all their executives and board members in order to make back some losses while also cashing in on this new craze.

“We took substantial losses related to the mismanagement of risk with Archegos and Greensill Capital,” notes CEO Thomas Gottstein from his Zurich office. “So we feel very fortunate that NFT’s are so popular at the moment as we look to release a trading card set of all of our top executives and board members.”

The board members will be rarer than the executive set with various degrees of scarcity. Notable NFT’s will include chairman Urs Rohner, Seraina Macia and of course Kai S. Nargolwala.

The NFT’s will go on sale via Nifty Gateway next week and the hope is they raise enough money so these people can keep their jobs.