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Self-Proclaimed Unbiased Crypto Guru States, “Every cryptocurrency is a scam except for the one I own.”

Youtube personality and self-proclaimed unbiased crypto guru who goes by the name of “Big Chungus” has been making videos since the crypto bull-run of late 2017. He first found out about cryptocurrency when his friend Kyle turned him on to Bitconnect in late December of 2017.

Chungus scraped together his $5,000 life savings and lost it almost immediately when Bitconnect crashed. Chungus had, however, already gained massive popularity in the two weeks he’d been making Bitconnect Youtube videos. He was able to monetize his channel and recuperate those loses almost immediately.

Since the Bitconnect fiasco, Chungus has rebranded himself as an unbiased crypto guru despite being paid by ICOs to “review” their coins and having no financial or computer science background. He has amassed more than 1.3 million subscribers and makes upwards of $500,000 per year on Youtube alone.

Despite his healthy earnings, we have estimated Chungus’ net worth to be less than $80 based on his investment history. Hard Money analysts did a portfolio breakdown of every coin Chungus has recommended year-to-date and with even diversification, his picks have lost 98% of their current value.

Mr. Chungus is also developing his own coin which he has named Chungcoin. Investors can buy a minimum supply of 1000 Chungcoins valued at $10/coin and will receive 1% interest per day until all the money from the pool is depleted. This, Big Chungus assures, is definitely not a scam.