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Short Squeeze Trader’s Next Target: Being Able to Pay Rent

Short squeeze trader Sean Fields bought into the massive GameStop rally at $435, and now he has a new target: Being able to pay rent.

After the historic short squeeze on GameStop short sellers, amateur traders are looking for the next big opportunity. Some have targeted penny biotech stocks, while others are looking at the companies with the highest short interest.

But Sean is looking for opportunity elsewhere.

His next target? Being able to pay his rent.

“The GameStop rally was amazing. I used up my entire portfolio to buy at $435, and it was amazing being part of something so historic,” Fields said. “I don’t regret a thing.”

After adding “early GameStop investor” to his LinkedIn, Sean is now crunching the numbers in his Microsoft Excel workbook to figure out how he can possibly pay rent this month.

“We beat the hedge funds last month, and I’ll beat the private equity fund that owns my apartment this month!”