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Shortage of Shipping Container Stock Photos Threatens Supply of Supply Chain Articles

Panic-stricken newsrooms across the country have come face-to-face with a nightmare scenario: what to do when the stock photo well runs dry?

As the tidal wave of supply shortages impacts seemingly every major industry from semiconductors to salami, one resource in particular is being drained the fastest: still photos of containers sitting in place.

Johan Solow, a freelance photographer of shipyards and generally strange dude, says he can no longer keep pace with the number of requests for different angles of the same ports. “I guess I just don’t get it. It’s a container ship, they all look the same. I mean, I’ll take their money, but at some point don’t people kind of get the idea?”

“No,” responded one journalist. “Remember that big ass ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal? We posted pictures from outer space, we posted pictures from up close. Hell, we took pictures of that ship from the decks of other ships. People want headlines and photos, TMZ style.”

The current crisis is reminiscent of the GME-induced mania earlier this year. The same street-level photos of a GameStop storefront with somebody walking by while on their phone became synonymous with the same regurgitated story about meme stocks and what comes next.

What happens next is anybody’s guess, but one thing is certain: it’s time to stock up on stock photo stock.