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Should You Buy This Next Big Stock We’ve Been Paid to Write About?

Every one and the mother is looking for that hot new stock that will double in a week right now . The big disruptor that turns an entire industry on it’s ear and eventually leads to the financial freedom you’ve been seeking.

Look no further because that company is Solu Cryogenic Applied Materials. Currently trading over the counter under the ticker SCAM, this company is soon to be the leader in Cryogenic research once the SEC gets off their back. And while we have been paid a very modest sum to write this article, that shouldn’t make you think that we don’t fully believe in the company. Honestly it’s such a little amount not sure even worth mentioning beside the fact those cranks over at the SEC made it illegal not to.

Cryogenics is the production of and behavior of materials at very low temperatures. Sounds pretty cool, right? Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves but puns aside cryogenics is the future. Ask Walt Disney whose head is currently waiting to be thawed and his brain brought back to life.

And you know what company could be behind this god-like miracle? That’s right. SCAM! Maybe… Now while you can’t take this as financial advise and you clicked several disclaimers before accessing this article, you would be foolish to not at least put 5% of your total net worth in this bad boy and let it run.

Think how you’ll feel in the future when Cryogenics is all the rage and all your friends are millionaires living in new robot bodies thanks to the wonders of cryogenics and you’re just a sucker, dead for the last 100 years and penniless.