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SPAC King Chamath Announces Vast Tracts of Land Under His Rule Will Extend Far Beyond IPOZ

San Francisco, CA – In a bold move lauded by his high council, SPAC King Chamath Palihapitiya announced via royal decree today that his empire would now extend far past his realm which currently goes as far as ticker IPOZ.

Seated on his throne and speaking in between a serf hand-feeding him grapes, King Chamath declared, “Originally it was my intent that my vast tracts wouldn’t go past IPOZ. Truly there wasn’t a reason for this as IPOA – IPOZ was enough to feed every man, woman, fund manager and speculator in my beautiful kingdom. However, as I grow older and we get closer to the end, I have decreed that we will continue building our empire unlike that coward, The Duke of Pershing, William Ackman.”

It’s unknown at this time whether he will continue on with the IPO prefix and add additional letters or if he will choose a different one, but sources indicate that people will indeed purchase the shares hand over fist with no idea what they are other than a glorified lottery ticket.

“Under my reign the inhabitants of Hedosophia shall prosper in ways no shareholders of blank check companies ever have,” the king reportedly bellowed, full of wine and the finest of foods.

At press time all reporters were kicked out of the royal hall to make way for the king’s personal jester Peter Schiff.