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Starbase, TX Residents Tout Proximity to Work and Divine Leader Who Shall Not Be Questioned

Residents of newly-created town Starbase, Texas are excited about the area’s future prospects. Hundreds have moved to Starbase, outside Brownsville, Texas, after Elon Musk urged his followers to consider moving to the area.

Residents are proud of their short commute to jobs at the SpaceX facility, but the crown jewel of the town is the “Supreme Leader” who shall not be questioned ever, according to locals.

“Elon has been a great host,” said Mark Duff, a new Starbase resident who holds 99% of his net worth in Tesla stock. “He provides the most delicious cool-aid I’ve ever had. I’m not sure what’s in it exactly, but it makes me drunk on space exploration and electric vehicles!”

Many residents are reportedly enjoying Starbase so much that they cut off contact with any friends and family not living in the area.

“Mr. Elon told me to just focus on space stuff- which is smart, because we have a lot of work to do here,” said one resident who was whisked away be a man in a dark robe before we could get her name.