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Teen’s Interest in Meme Stocks Bridges Gap With Boring, Distant Father

Cryptocurrencies, meme stocks, and other buzzy financial products have captured the minds of many young investors. This new landscape of finance has caught the attention of hedge funds, and billionaires alike, but it’s also done something even more impressive, bridging the gap between local sixteen year old Liam Ferguson and his boring, distant father.

“He acts like I’m alive now,” an exuberant Liam explained to hard money. “My dad used to spend most of his time in his study making safe investments for his retirement and checking the S&P 500. I find that stuff mind numbingly boring but when I started investing in AMC, Gamestop, and more recently, Bed Bath & Beyond, everything changed!”

Liam’s father, Harold Ferguson described the day he connected with his son, for the first time in years. “We were having breakfast,” he said. “Liam was talking about some Reddit thing which I’d always assumed was for stoners, but then I opened the newspaper and was stunned by this “Wall Street Bets” situation. Turns out, that’s what Liam had been trying to talk to me about.”

While he’s still not thrilled about the financial moves his son is making (even after Liam became four times more rich than him after holding AMC to the top) Harold Ferguson now pops out of his study occasionally to check in on his son. “I’m happy he’s not just smoking weed and skateboarding like before,” Harold said, “but he really needs to start budgeting better, it’s never too early to start.”