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Tesla Launches Gas-Powered Car to Diversify from Newly-Crowded Electric Vehicle Space

As legacy automakers continue to roll out electric vehicle models in the global shift away from internal combustion engines, Tesla is making a surprise move to stay ahead of the curve. CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla will begin producing a new gas-powered vehicle in order to diversify its business.

“Tesla has always been about innovation,” Musk said on Twitter. “That’s why we’re blazing a new trail. As all the other car makers shift towards EVs, we are the first car manufacturer to unveil a new gas-powered line of cars in 2021.”

Tesla supporters applauded the courage of Musk to buck another trend in the auto industry. Tesla shareholder Dan Graves Tweeted, “Tesla continues to set the pace for the auto industry!”

Musk explained that Tesla’s internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle will be manufactured in its new Austin-area plant and will get 10 to 12 miles per gallon “at first”, at least until more optimization can be done.

According to sources, Tesla is also considering using some of its Texas land holdings to extract oil from the ground, which analysts say could be a smart move to vertically integrate the new business line.

The ICE engine isn’t the only new development at Tesla. Sources within the company say that they are planning to open up a coal plant in the Northeast to experiment with alternate sources of heating to potentially offer consumers.