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Texas Man Heats Entire Neighborhood With Bitcoin Mining Rig

When severe winter weather and rolling blackouts struck Texas this week, a Dallas area man was ready to save the day. Jason Richards, a resident of Dallas suburb Wylie, noticed that his entire neighborhood lost power around 11am on Monday morning.

With temperatures near zero, he knew many residents would freeze in their homes without heat. That’s when Richards had a genius idea: He set up his Bitcoin mining rig in the street and powered it with an emergency generator.

“After mining just 0.0003 Bitcoin, the entire block started to warm up,” said Richards. “So not only am I helping to keeps folks warm, but I’m also making Bitcoin on the side.”

Within a few hours, the mining rig was emitting more heat than a large chemical fire.

“It was so nice of Jason to do that,” said neighbor Karen Fitzpatrick. “One of the neighbor’s houses did end up catching fire, but only Tom died. No one really liked that guy anyway because he thinks Bitcoin is worthless.”