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The Next Dave Portnoy? This Man Loves Pizza And Has An Incredibly Punchable Face

Look out world, we may have just found the next sports media kingpin! Just like Barstool creator Dave Portnoy, this man is obsessed with all things pizza. But here’s the kicker: he and Portnoy also both have that kind of face that just begs to be punched over and over. It’s truly uncanny.

We can’t believe that this guy hasn’t started reviewing local slices yet! 29-year-old Brad Bently has got the whole package: a passion for pizza, a voice for radio, and a forehead that basically demands to be forced through a glass wall. Get this guy in front of a camera and give him your venture capital!

Our reporters sat down with Brad Bentley to find out more about his fist-magnet face and other similarities he shares with Portnoy.

“Well, I’m from Massachusetts, I run a podcast, and I’m an avid day trader,” said the Portnoy doppelgänger, only strengthening his case as the rightful heir to the Barstool throne. “I love to make people laugh, and sometimes I rub people the wrong way. It’s whatever though, they’re just snowflakes. Also, I freaking love Regina Pizzeria!”

While Bentley is not yet an internet mogul like Portnoy, his mug has all the same intangible features that welcome a swift uppercut to the chin. It’s a wonder he hasn’t built a fanbase of misogynistic, degenerate gambler 13 to 22-year-olds yet, but we’re sure they’ll be worshipping him in no time.

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