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The Next Warren Buffett? This Guy Eats McDonalds Every Day and Plans to Die Penniless

Esteemed billionaire investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett turned 90 this year, rekindling the debate over who might be worthy to carry on his mantle. While many financial wizards have invited comparisons to the “Oracle of Omaha” over the years, the discussion has conspicuously overlooked one 22 year-old unemployed barista whose spartan lifestyle and generational wealth prospects bear a striking resemblance to the world’s 7th richest man.

Tony Herman — a high school drop-out who was recently laid off from Coffee Bean — currently trails Buffett by 65+ years in experience and $80+ billion in wealth. Putting that minutiae aside, the parallels between these two humble, hungry figures are uncanny.

Warren Buffett famously orders from the McDonald’s value menu every day and makes symbolic compromises based on the performance of his portfolio; Herman not only does the same, but often skips lunch and dinner when the markets are down, despite there being zero correlation with his perpetually dire circumstances.

Buffett is also celebrated for having pioneered the “Giving Pledge” — a charitable commitment by billionaires to donate most of their wealth in their lifetime. At just 22, Herman has already surpassed his doppleganger by making a $10 contribution to his roommate’s GoFundMe campaign, which amounts to over 90% of Herman’s checking account balance.

Other similarities abound: Both men recently traded in their archaic flip phones for the latest iPhone, though only one of them oversaw a multinational conglomerate whose position in Apple has generated over $70 billion in profits. And both Buffett and Herman plan to never take a vacation and expect to wake up for work at 5:30 am every day until they die.

So what sage advice does Warren Buffett’s heir-apparent have for the rest of us? According to Herman, the answer to leading a prosperous, fulfilling life is simple: “Always ask for extra napkins and ketchup and sauces at the drive thru. And when they give you the bag, just be like ‘I think y’all forgot something…’ and show ‘em inside the bag with all those napkins and ketchup packets at the top and then boom! You peace out with 10 free McNuggets. 100% returning your investment or some shit!”