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The Next Warren Buffett? This Man Also Made a Series of Horrendous Airline Stock Trades

Could this young investor be the next Warren Buffett?

Timothy Williams, 21, has already been compared to the legendary Berkshire Hathaway investor many times. At the beginning of 2020, Williams used his birthday money to buy a stake in United Airlines. Similarly, Buffett held a large stake in the four major US airlines at the start of 2020.

“I just thought airlines would be a good business to invest in, since people always travel and stuff,” said Williams.

Of course, airlines tanked and Williams did horribly. He continued to hold onto his failing investments, much like Buffett. However, in early June, he did exactly what the Oracle of Omaha did: cut his losses by selling his holdings.

Just after dumping his shares, airline stocks rallied for no reason giving Williams his first taste of what’s sure to be a painful future trading.

Could these slow reactionary trades mean that Williams is the next Warren Buffett? Only time will tell, but this young prodigy’s knack for losing money in dying legacy businesses is certainly impressive.