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The US Dollar is Worthless Because of Its Unlimited Supply, Says Crypto Developer Who Created 27 Altcoins This Month

23-year old cryptocurrency developer Braden Carlyle has a stark warning for the US federal government: Stop printing an endless amount of US currency.

Carlyle recently learned of “nonstop money printing” by the US Federal Reserve and has fully embraced cryptocurrency ever since.

“Crypto is clearly the future of money,” said Carlyle. “I mean just this month I’ve created 27 new cryptocurrencies. I’m helping to lead a revolution of money that will get people away from the worthless US dollar.”

Carlyle believes that the US dollar will be worthless within two to three years based on the expected hyper-inflation due to an oversupply of dollars.

“When I create each new crypto, I make sure to lock in a maximum supply that can never be exceeded,” Carlyle said. “For example, my newest currency ‘FootFetishCoin has a maximum supply of 15 billion tokens. This makes it scarce and valuable.”