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“There’s Always A Bull Market Somewhere,” Says Jim Cramer With Thousand Yard Stare At The Dinner Table

Sources close to the family of TV personality Jim Cramer witnessed the Mad Money host utter one of his many famous catchphrases with a deep thousand yard stare as he enjoyed dinner with his family Wednesday night.

“It was a strange night for sure” said Cramer’s wife, Lisa Cadette Detwiler. “We weren’t even talking about stocks or anything. We were just talking with the kids and about what little league would look like with all this COVID stuff, and then he dropped a fork full of spaghetti on the floor, stared out of our back window, and slowly said, “There’s always a bull market somewhere.”

Neighbors of the former hedge fund manager turned weeknight TV star say the troubling incident is the latest of many.

“I could have seen this coming” said his neighbor Trevor Maxwell. “The guy goes on TV every night and tells people their money is safe as long as they’re smart about it but then he comes home and he’s wandering the neighborhood telling people to “beware of the electric vehicle bubble! Or how dangerous SPACS are!” And I’ll be honest I have no idea what any of that means but it freaks me out man.”

After about 30 minutes had gone by, Lisa and her family felt it was time to call a medical professional.

“Definitely a first for me,” said EMT Alex Sullivan. “I think he heard the sirens outside and thought he was filming an episode because once we came inside he was off ranting about a new wave of Robinhood traders? I think my friend just started doing that. I don’t know man. His blood pressure is off the charts though.”

Following the incident, Cramer was also witnessed yelling “BUY BUY BUY” multiple times at his neighbor’s lawnmower.