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This Space Exploration Healthcare Startup Is Rethinking Health Insurance by Launching Unhealthy People Into the Abyss

Rethinking one complicated industry is usually more than enough for one person to handle. But 32-year old tech founder Ryan Barsch is taking on two industries at once with his new company Burden Galactic.

Barsch already raised $110 million in venture financing and won partnerships with industry titans like United Healthcare and SpaceX. His company’s mission is simple: To rethink healthcare by launching unhealthy people into space.

“In the health insurance industry, there are millions of customers who pay more in premiums than they ever receive in benefits,” explains Barsch. “On the other end of the spectrum, you have the ‘burdens’ who are a giant drain on the system.”

Barsch’s company has already helped insurance companies and health care providers save hundreds of millions by blasting society’s unhealthiest people into outer space.

“I want to be clear that we aren’t giving up on these patients,” Barsch said. “Instead, we are allowing them to explore their healthcare options on other planets.”

What’s next for this ambitious young entrepreneur?

While he says he’s focused on healthcare for now, he said that he sees himself tackling other problems down the road.

“Low skill workers who pay little in taxes and people who chew annoyingly-loud at restaurants are big societal problems I could see myself trying to solve in the future.”