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TikTok Star Larry Ellison Lands Huge Deal After Lip-Syncing Trump Campaign Speeches

Viral TikTok star Larry Ellison landed a huge deal to become the platform’s “trusted technology partner” today after becoming well known for lip-syncing several Trump campaign speeches and talking points, sources with direct knowledge of the deal said.

Ellison, who lives in the Oracle TikTok Hype House with several other creators his age, can often be seen on the platform dancing poolside to Lady Gaga or Ariana Grande. His carefree, luxurious lifestyle is packed into short, viral clips which have come to dominate the platform.

“A lot of people think lip-syncing is easy or how I got this deal is unfair,” Ellison said, adjusting a skimpy outfit poolside. “But lip-syncing is hard. Everything Trump says, I have to go out there and repeat it. I have to do this in public but also in private, repeatedly, via fundraising dinners to get the practice I need.”

The deal is a huge upset over the Microsoft TikTok house and its lead star Satya Nadella, who is known for suggestive workout videos and inspirational quotes. Nadella took to the platform to tell his followers he had lost the deal in an overly produced video set to Boss Bitch by Doja Cat, but wished his “fellow creator and thicc binch” Ellison well. He also urged his most rabid followers (often called the Microsoft Home Army) to be kind and not hassle those from Oracle, even if they choose to bow down to the Chinese and participate in political theater that he is above.