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TikToker Secretly Down 80% YTD Makes Point of Telling People His Picks Should Not Be Constituted as Financial Advice

Martin Arvin has been a middling financial TikToker for the better part of a year after getting caught up in the Robinhood hype and watching his net worth increase from $1240 to well over $3000 in a very short period. He then realized he had some sort of Midas touch and took to Tik Tok to give stock picks and build a fan base.

But after a series of idiotic trades that cut his account value by 80% a clearly dejected Arvin has begun providing a disclaimer to his 1678 followers that his picks are not financial advice and should not be construed as such.

It’s unclear who Arvin believes he is protecting whether himself or his few devoted followers however he had never had things not go his way for such an extended period and felt it prudent to start doling out the warning.

As of this writing his account value is 50% from where it started and he’s contemplating a career in something other than finance.