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Time to Diversify? Degenerate Gambler Masquerading as Investor Doesn’t Think So

Boise, IA — Martin Gillar isn’t your typical buy and hold investor. He takes calculated risks and likes to press his bets. And with markets setting new highs on a daily basis many professional money managers recommend diversifying your portfolio in the event of a down turn. Martin on the hand takes a bit of a different approach.

“Currently my account is fully margined long in MARA. They’re a bitcoin miner and since the price of Bitcoin only goes up this is a very safe investment,” said a certain Gillar. “You can’t win if you don’t play.”

It’s that and other axioms spouted incorrectly by Gillar throughout the course of our interview that clearly informed his investing strategy. We reached out to portfolio manager Ken Gold to get his take on Gillar’s strategy.

“You honestly might as well take all your money and go to Atlantic City with that strategy. And I probably shouldn’t even call it a strategy because it isn’t one. I’m all for taking 5% of your money and putting it into Bitcoin if you’re so inclined. But leveraging your entire account to buy some mining company? That’s crazy and guaranteed to end in disaster,” said Gold.

When informed what professional money managers think of his strategy Gillar had this to say. “They don’t get it and never will. Guys like him missed the entire move in crypto and related stocks and now they’re just haters. More money for me.”

At the time of this writing MARA is down almost 35% from it’s highs and the likelyhood of Gillar receiving a margin call in the future is high.