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Tiny Houses: The Amazing Real Estate Trend I Forced My Family Into After Subscribing to WallStreetBets

Tiny houses are the future of real estate and modern living. At least that’s what I keep telling myself after burning through my life savings just seven days after subscribing to Reddit’s Wall Street Bets. Let’s go through the facts — undeniable truths that no one can deny and are no-way thinly veiled justifications I’m making my family agree with because I was tricked by a subreddit full of deranged college kids.

  1. Tiny houses make you the master of your own environment. You see, my kitchen table folds up and actually becomes a bed. That’s an efficient use of space, something my family of five is learning to appreciate after I invested everything we had into OTM weekly Fastly calls ahead of earnings. 
  1. Big houses are bad for the environment and are a real hassle to clean. I learned that lesson the hard way when I had to move all of my furniture out and clean the place before the new owners showed up. So much dust in hard to reach places!
  1. Storage, storage, storage. Fastly was going to crush earnings because one of their customers is Amazon, but there’s a ton of storage in my new tiny house. More than you would expect. My kitchen sink is also my shower, you just pull this little lever right over here. Pretty nifty, huh? Why waste your time with both a sink and a shower?

Life is about opportunities. When I see someone else has made three million dollars on PRPL, I need to make that exact same amount with the same play. Not everyone understands that though, which is why I didn’t tell my wife I refinanced the house to buy as many deep OTM PRPL calls as I could. 

Are you ready to experience the future of real estate, and a more eco-friendly way of habitating the earth? Subscribe to r/WallStreetBets today and join me and my family on this journey.