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Top 10 Stocks to Buy a Month Ago

Let’s face it, the market is complicated. To help you invest smarter, I’ve compiled the definitive list of stocks to buy a month ago:

SCR — Score Media and Gaming Inc.

Gaming is huge right now! If you put a nice amount of capital into this stock a month ago, you’ll realize a 138% increase in value, that’s more than double! Highly recommend buying this one on August 1st.

TASK — TaskUs Inc.

This one is understandable you don’t already know to buy a month ago. A quick glance at their website and you’ll see a lot of buzzwords that don’t really mean anything, like company growth, brand establishment, digital outsourcing, and leadership focus. They may as well have been called Vertical Synergy or some other nonsense. In any event, they went up 137%, so make sure to buy in last month!

UPST — Upstart Holdings

This company is an AI lending platform of some sort. FinTech is huge. Though, if we’re being honest, instead of buying this one 30 days ago, this writer’s official recommendation in FinTech is to buy the juggernaut stock Square about 4 years ago at $8. If you buy in August 1st 2016, you’ll quad-decuple your investment.

GNOG — Golden Nugget Online Gaming Inc.

I told you, gaming is huge. Buy this stock immediately one month ago to literally double your money. Although, you should instead buy Diamond Eagle Holdings 2 years ago, right before they switch over to DraftKings — that’s the premier gaming/gambling type stock. I like it better long term, like the last 6-12 months at least!

SITM — SiTime Corp

I couldn’t even figure out what this company does, but they saw 80% gains, so be sure to dump some cash into them on August 1, 2021.

Next we move onto pharma and biotech. Pharma is seeing huge growth lately, not sure why. Here’s some top-rated ones that I’ve never even heard of to snatch up as much as you can afford of a month ago:

VALN — Valneva

ARCT — Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings

CRBU — Caribou Biosciences Inc.

IMGO — Imago Biosciences

And finally:

GLUE — Monte Rosa Therapeutics

This is my top pick last month. I just assume they make that horse medication that cures covid, right? Definitely buy into it, they show huge promise for last month!

So that’s the top 10 stocks to buy a month ago. While I am not licensed or educated in finance in any way, I absolutely promise all of my advice in this column is 100% guaranteed to win you some huge gains in the last 30 days… Just make sure to sell a few days ago, as they all seem to be going back down today.