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Top 3 Drug Stocks to Own if You Think Trump Will Legalize Everything in Purge-Like Move on Last Day in Office

Donald Trump’s presidency is winding down and many in the investing community are trying to figure out the best way to play his exit. Some traders are betting heavily on what they anticipate from the new administration but Trump still has another day and everyone knows that anything can happen.

With that being said, here are 3 drug stocks to own if you think Trump is going to play the wild card and legalize all drugs on his way out.

1) Mind Medicine (MMEDF) – This company plans on producing LSD for medicinal treatment. Their stock has already shot up over 300% but imagine how much they’ll be ringing the register if recreational psychedelics will be legalized. Families all over the country will trip their asses off together and that will be great for their bottom line.

2) Tilray (TLRY) – While the writing is on the wall for marijuana to be federally legalized, it hasn’t happened yet. But imagine old Donny wakes up on his last day and decides now is that time. Every pot stock will rip faces off and Tilray should be good for at least a triple.

3) Coca Cola (KO) – This company might seem a bit out of place on this list but really think about it. If cocaine is legal who has better branding and distribution networks set up besides some shady Mexican cartels? And Coca-Cola used to actually have coca leaf in their formula so all they would need to do is dust off that old recipe and they’ll have the most addictive drink known to man next to regular Coke. While this is a little more speculative the downside risk is very minimal.

Keep in mind that you only want to buy these stocks once he announces full legalization. Remember, luck favors the prepared.