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Top 5 Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

It’s not easy to find the right companies to buy when you’re a billionaire but I have collected my 5 can’t miss selections.

1) AOL

Ever wanted to access the world wide web at home? Well, now you can. AOL allows users to access the “internet” on personal computers. Just stop by Blockbuster or K-Mart to pick up one of their “10,000 free hours of internet” CDs and try the product for yourself. Personally, I believe AOL’s moat is way too wide for any other competitors to overtake them. Think of AOL as Standard Oil; they control the flow of the 21st century version of oil: information.

2) Cheesecake Factory

While you’ll usually find me at Cheesecake Factory ignoring my wife during our date night while scrolling through fantasy football articles on my phone, you should know that the classy restaurant chain has made a huge breakthrough in DinTech (Dinner Technology™).

You can now make a reservation online.

That’s right. No longer will you have to sit in the waiting area near a bunch of slobbery kids. Just connect to the internet and make your reservation over the digital airwaves. It’s a miracle of modern science! I am expecting $CAKE stock to explode on this new innovation.

3) Motorola

We know that monopolies are illegal in the United States, so investors need to be ready for when the US government takes decisive action to dismantle Apple’s monopoly on cell phones. Motorola is perfectly positioned to mass produce a massively popular “smartphone”, or a “personal handheld computing device,” as former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich calls it.

4) Wirecard

This is a stock I put on my “2020 Watchlist” in January. While I haven’t kept up with it much this year, I am sure they have continued their astronomical growth. Wirecard’s payment processing network has extended its roots all throughout Europe, forming powerful relationships with many of the big banks. It’s unstoppable!

5) Facebook

This revolutionary new social media platform is for college students only (for now), but should be set up for favorable growth. I enrolled for another semester at Harvard just to gain access to the platform in order to evaluate it, but unfortunately my invitation seems to have been lost in the mail.