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Trader Who Bought 5 AMC Shares at $3 Struggling to Find Large Enough Mansion

Amateur day trader Sarah Parson made a simple trade last December while on break from her waitressing job: She purchased five shares of movie theater chain AMC at $3.

Little did she know, that trade would completely change her life.

Just seven months later, Parson has a new set of problems that don’t include finding money to pay her bills or catching the bus across town for work. Instead, she’s struggling to find a luxury mansion large enough to fit her wishes after a massive windfall from her AMC position.

“Buying AMC has changed everything,” said Parson. “Just a few months ago, I was struggling to get by. Today, my biggest worry is deciding between a 15,000 square foot mansion in Palm Beach or San Diego.

“But maybe I’ll just go with both.”