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Battery Day 2020: Trevor Milton Pops Out of On-Stage Roadster and Attacks Elon Musk With Steel Chair

Recently Ousted Nikola CEO Trevor Milton popped out of the trunk of an onstage Tesla Model 3 and attacked rival Elon Musk with a steel chair at the highly anticipated Battery Day event today, several eyewitnesses and referees who tried to stop the ambush reported.

The attack is the long-awaited return of Milton, who was last seen by EV fans when he was ousted from his popular group Nikola. Sources close to the embattled fuel cell truck manufacturer are reporting that founder Trevor Milton has grown obsessed with the highly successful “pretty boy” in Musk, who he sees as embodying everything he could have become.

“You think it’s easy Musk, being me?” Milton said in a promo video released after the attack. “You think it’s EASY watching you in the news every day, taking the spotlight that should be MINE!? It’s GAME OVER for fossil fuels, and it’s game over for you Musk. This isn’t done.”

SEC officials released a statement saying that although they do not approve of the attack, they will not stand in the way of an unsanctioned, no rules match-up to settle things once and for all.

“The actions taken by Milton are unbecoming of CEO of a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange,” SEC Chair Jay Clayton said. “The only way to settle this is Hell in a Cell.”

Those in attendance were shocked.

“The thing I don’t get was Trevor was super tan. Way more tan than usual. Super oily and he had bleached his hair blonde,” one production crew member of the Tesla livestream team said, “He was shouting Nikola World Order over and over again as the refs pulled them apart. Honestly super intense, can’t wait to see if Elon gets his revenge at Autonomy Day #2”