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Trump Refuses to Pardon Man Concerned About Tether

Washington, D.C. — On his last day in office many people are speculating about who Donald Trump will pardon next. Will it be Edward Snowden or Julian Assange? Few know the answer but inside sources at the White House have confirmed that the president will not be pardoning bay area resident Tony Charles who is a vocal critic of Tether and Bitcoin.

“The president briefly looked into Tether and it’s apparent manipulation of Bitcoin and is confident that all USDT are backed 1:1 with USD,” said a source that wishes to remain anonymous.

Charles who goes by @BTCSCAM000 on Twitter has been adamant that Tether is a house of cards ready to fall and when it does it will bring the price of Bitcoin down with it.

“Just look into Tether for 5 minutes and you’ll see it’s a huge scam,” said an indignant Charles. “They refuse to be audited and are printing this stuff out of thin air. Every time more gets printed the price of Bitcoin rises. Coincidence?”

We reached out to Tether and the company behind it and they insisted everything they are doing is above board and Tethers are only issued when they are purchased with US dollars.

When we told this to Charles he just rolled his eyes and called us ‘sheeple’.