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Trump Tweet Boasts Nation’s 5G Broadband Coverage Using Coronavirus Infection Map

In a tweet this morning, President Trump lauded America’s expansive 5G coverage using a map of the nation’s total coronavirus infections.

“Within months, almost every American will have ultra-fast wireless data,” wrote Trump alongside a map showing that, in months, almost every American will have the coronavirus. “Look at it! The whole map is red!”

It is not clear whether the president made a mistake, or was trying to put a positive spin on bad figures. Republicans in Congress have defended the mishap as a “creative interpretation of legitimate data.”

“5G is spreading across our great nation!” he continued, while his visual aid described a very different spread. “We have the highest numbers in the world; no city will be left untouched!”

At press time, the president was using a map of current American infrastructure projects to show the spread of coronavirus.