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Twitch Hack Data Reveals Gamer Guy Bathwater Not Quite as Lucrative as Gamer Girl Bathwater

Users are reeling after a hack of the streaming service Twitch has revealed an apparent lack of gender equality when it comes to selling bathwater.

“These girls are getting hundreds even thousands of dollars for their bathwater,” explained Twitch user DogeSwag01. “The only thing I’ve gotten is a higher water bill. Well one person bought some but then he posted a really damning Youtube react video to it. Also people in real life don’t avoid me anymore. Weird. But the hack kind of proves that it’s not enough to just post gameplay without interacting or talking, you really have to have tits.”

Streamer Belle Delphine who started the bathwater craze says it’s not inequality.

“Nobody wants to pay for a sweaty guy’s Cheeto infested bathwater. Duh,” said Delphine. “These guys think it’s as easy as taking a bath and posting it online. Well it is but I’m having to get in the tub like 6 times a day. Let’s see them try that and still have time to shoot for Youtube, OnlyFans, Instagram, Twitch, and write my blog for the Wall Street Journal.”

Economists say it’s simple supply and demand.

“Throughout the ages almost no one has been willing to pay for guy bathwater. Before Twitch it was movie star girl bathwater and way before that it was poet girl bathwater,” says U.N. economist Justine Cook. “These guys have to find the right market. Like Grindr.”

At press time, gamer guy bathwater was still fully stocked.