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Tyler Winklevoss Tweets, “Have Fun Staying Poor, India,” After Government Threatens to Ban Cryptocurrency

Tyler Winklevoss, the older of the Winklevoss twins by 4 minutes, tweeted “@india Have fun staying poor” after officials of the Indian government threatened to ban cryptocurrency nationwide.

India, with a gross domestic product of 2.869 trillion dollars (USD), tweeted sharply back at Winklevoss, “@tyler, says someone with a net worth 2800 times smaller than our GDP. YOU ARE A LOSER, TYLER.”

Although it is true that India is 2800 times wealthier than Tyler Winklevoss, it is also true that India was obviously upset by Winklevoss’ comment.

In a direct message conversation acquired by Hard Money Magazine, India reached out to Winklevoss to iron things out.

India: Hi Ty Ty, I know you’re trying to be controversial for engagement on Twitter, but I just wanted to let you know that your comment really hurt my feelings.

Tyler: LoL

The conversation was short but effective in earning a Winklevoss a ban from viewing future @india posts on Twitter. When asked to comment on the altercation, Winklevoss just shrugged and said, “Bitcoin is the future, few understand this.”

India refused to comment.