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Up Next Spotlight: These 5 Self-Taught Biologists Are Cooking Up The Next Big Virus

With the Covid-19 vaccine now being administered at a faster rate than new positive cases, it seems like the worst is in the rearview mirror. However there is no doubt that for many industries this virus was a huge boon and many segments of the economy saw unprecedented growth as a result.

Not wanting to waste a good crisis and seeing the potential that a deadly virus can have on economic growth, 5 biologists working at a top-secret Stanford lab are working on the next big virus to propel our economy lightyears into the future while simultaneously further impoverishing the already impoverished.

The team is compromised of 5 of the top biologists and virologists in the the US and they are working in tandem with the University of Wuhan to make sure no stone goes unturned and the virus can inflict maximum damage.

We weren’t granted an interview due to the top secret nature of the program however we have learned that they are working on virus that is so infectious you can get it just by someone smiling at you from up to 1000 yards away. Not only is this physically terrifying but this virus also boasts one of the highest emotional terror scores any virus has every received.

While we weren’t able to get any further information we have deduced that it’s likely this virus will begin spreading in sometime late 2021.