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Whatever Happens in the Stockmarket This Week Just Make Sure We All Have Fun

Gather around everyone we have a big week of trading ahead of us. GameStop is around $40, Bitcoin is well over $57000, gold isn’t doing anything as per usual and everyone has been making a ton of money unless your name is Peter Schiff.

Making money isn’t all this is about though. It’s about the friendships and camaraderie you get from strangers on Stocktwits. And more importantly let’s get out there and have some fun! Sure you might lose your retirement betting on some stock you’ve never heard of and sure your wife might leave you for being irresponsible and losing everything again. But that isn’t what is important.

You’re going to be viewing a lot of charts and some of them might not make sense or they may seem confusing. And that’s okay. They don’t all have to make sense. Just do your best.

Focus this week on making the best trades you can make and trying to make as much money as possible. But also lose as little money as possible. I know it seems daunting so head down and eye on the prize. It’s a tough game so make sure you have fun.

Alright now everyone lets bring it in and give me a ‘whoa stock market’ on 3.