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What’s This GameStop Stuff About? Asks Absolute Last Person on Earth to Know

59 year old Richard Henderson from Carmel, Indiana became the absolute last person on Earth to know about the GameStop stock mania when he texted his 23-year old son Jacob to ask about it earlier this week.

“So what’s this GameStop stuff I’m hearing about all of the sudden?? – Dad” the text from Henderson to his son read, according to sources close to the family.

Jacob reportedly rolled his eyes upon reading the text, according to multiple people who sit near Jacob at his co-working space in Chicago.

The elder Henderson reportedly logged onto social media for the first time in months and became puzzled at several references to “diamond hands” and “going to the moon.” He Google “SpaceX moon mission” and “rapper with diamond hand jewelry” before becoming even more confused.

After Jacob sent a summary of the GameStop saga to his father, he received a follow-up text asking if Richard should “move some money out of my Vanguard mutual funds and into this GameStop thing?”