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You Missed out on a Huge Play and Biogen Won’t Let You Forget It

Hard Money headquarters observed a moment of silence today for investors who not only failed to predict the surge of Biogen’s stock price following the announcement of the Biotech firm’s successful Alzheimer’s drug, but are now eternally burdened with the memory of the missed opportunity. We spoke with two of the afflicted.

Jordan Alessandro spoke with us from his room in St. John’s hospital, NYC (he was preparing to have his #StonksonlygoUP tattoo removed via laser) where he reminisced about brighter days as a youthful investor.

“I used to miss out on a huge gain and feel pain, but always remain hopeful, because I knew one day, old age would rob me of the memory. Now with Biogen, not only did I miss the boat, I know I’ll be staring from the shore until I die.”

Barnard Kingsley wrote us from Mayo Clinic (where he often gets coffee and a bagel before heading to work at the nearby Deloitte office) sharing only a poem about his painful experience. We’ve included his touching words below:

I watch the markets ebb and flow
With every spike, I feel FOMO

Nowhere less than Bio Tech
Where speed of gains is near break-neck

That stock of mine, a downward jet
The loss I can’t wait to forget

But science’s sword is double-edged
Where all is risk, where once was hedged!

The drug for which many were desperate
Now precludes my only respite

The painful memory, here to stay,
FOMO, FOMO, go away.